numed_truck Numed was established in 1975 as a pioneer in contract Nuclear Medicine services. The addition of CT, PET/CT, MR and Ultrasound has allowed Numed to complement its services and enhance its diagnostic capabilities. Today Numed’s primary focus is to meet the needs of an evolving medical community by providing a variety of diagnostic imaging service options.

Numed is your solution for in-house comprehensive multi-modality diagnostic imaging services. Quality diagnostic imaging services depend on having the best staff and equipment for the clinical setting. By customizing service options to meet specific departmental requirements, Numed provides choices that allow medical providers to maintain quality care and convenience for patients, staff and facility.

Our Vision

Improving the quality and affordability of Healthcare through unique services to the Medical Provider.

Our Mission

To be the premier provider of multi-modality diagnostic imaging services through outstanding leadership, understanding the needs and requirements of the medical community, and dedication to quality patient care.